One of the biggest barriers confronting many who consider attending Baby Tattooville is the cost. Although it may seem a little pricey, what you receive in return more than makes up for it. Beyond the experience of spending a weekend elbow-to-elbow with your favorite artists, staying in one of the best hotels in Southern California and being surrounded by like-minded friends, BT attendees get to take home a plethora of amazing stuff, including original art, prints, toys, books, stickers and magazines.

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This year’s goodies included (please note that not all items are pictured here):

  • Letterpress name badge, designed and signed by Robert Williams and printed by Pressure Printing
  • 11-in-1 print signed by all the featured artists, plus Jeff Soto
  • Canvas print of the Art Jam collaborative painting, signed by all the artists
  • Anthony Ausgang original painting
  • Michael Hussar screenprint – printed live by Diesel Fuel Prints
  • “California Kustom” show print by Coop
  • KRK Ryden original drawing
  • Brandi Milne original
  • KMNDZ original on card
  • William Stout original
  • Miss Mindy original
  • Bob Dob screenprint
  • Ron English McSupersize toy
  • Van Arno Vivisect Playset toy
  • Buff Monster hand-painted figure
  • Suzanne Williams print
  • Van Arno print
  • Johnny Ryan mini-comic
  • Rick O’Brien original drawing
  • Ron English/Coop Circus Punk
  • “Art-Toys” by Brian McCarty book
  • “Rubber Duck” by Karen Hsiao book
  • Collaborative artist drawings courtesy of Arrested Motion
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