What have the Date Farmers been up to since we last saw them in New York in April at the opening of their solo show at Jonathan LeVine? Well, they have moved their headquarters from the Coachella Valley to a Los Angeles studio to concentrate their energies on their next endeavor – a exhibition at Ace Gallery celebrating the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence. With this thematic choice, we are sure most DF fans out there can see that their work which is inspired by their “Mexican-American heritage, pop inconography, Mexican street murals, traditional revolutionary posters, prison art, Oaxacan sign painting, and tattoos” is a perfect match.

The exhibition will be the biggest Date Farmers show to date and will feature larger sized works then any previous shows. The gallery has giving them free reign to recolonize the 5514 Wilshire Boulevard location, so expect an immersive new body of work that opens to the public on November 23rd. Dec. 11 – 8pm-10pm.  [Please note date change]

Patrick Nguyen stopped by recently visit the duo and take some pics for our readers. Take a look at some studio shots as well as some preview images after the jump…

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