In a potential nod to famous futurist Buckminster Fuller, Canadian artist Tristram Lansdowne (interviewed), known for finding hidden beauty in the broken down, has reinvented his work with an idealized flair for his upcoming exhibition, Archimancy. Opening Friday, November 26th at Toronto’s LE Gallery, Tristram’s newest body of dynamic watercolors take the dystopian urban landscapes that have always been at the core of his visual narrative, as seen earlier this year with his NYC exhibit Refuge (covered), and weaves a heavy dose of nature-based networks into the equation.

Forming hybridized microcosms, these fantastical biomimetic sanctuaries fuse derelict architectural structures oft forgotten by modern society with ecologically designed building blocks abundant in our planetary system. An iceberg come apartment complex, it’s most appealing asset being a renewable waterfall shower system, highlights the artist’s uniquely conceptualized imagery, crafted in meticulous detail. With an inclusion in the summer exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) under his belt as well, this solo showing serves as a captivating conclusions to a banner year for the visionary artist.

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