Now that herĀ whirlwind tour and shows in Australia are over, it appears Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) is starting to work on her next series of paintings. Judging from this piece (photo put through the Instagram filter), perhaps we will see a more somber body a work and a return to the “dark wood” pieces seen in her show in Italy in 2008 (covered). This piece could be going to one of the two shows she probably will be involved with next year in Los Angeles (Merry Karnowsky & Thinkspace).

Take a look after the jump at some keywords she listed that could clue us in to what to expect.

“a touch of fantasy. dream. stories. fairy tales. narrative.
a girl. a boy. characters. animals. animal-people.
wolves. birds. deers. cats. fox. snake.
forest. trees. stripes and patterns. polka dots. glow.
whimsy and playful.
marbles. shell. gem. stone. charm. relic. mementos.”

Photo via her Instagram flickr page.
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