To build the anticipation for The Magicians Garden a little further, here is a snapshot from Josh Keyes’ studio, where he appears to have fully fleshed out the painting that we teased last month in its conceptual phase. Although it’s presumed that this show will be on the smaller side due to the spatial constraints of the gallery, Josh clearly is putting his all into the handful of works that will be exhibited, especially this one which looks to yet again continue the trend of larger scaled pieces, perhaps coming in around 40″ x 60″. The superbly detailed work builds upon the cycle of life thematic thread inherent to the artist’s post-apocalyptic narrative. With familiar symbolic imagery assembled in a fresh, almost archeological context, Josh underscores the duality of the natural world as only he can, rich in emotional resonance and iconographic significance. Another in a seemingly never-ending stream of spellbinding works from the Portland based artist, who will be showcasing the rest of this thought provoking batch of work at Fecal Face Dot Gallery on April 7th.

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