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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Preview: Camille Rose Garcia – “Snow White and the Black Lagoon” @ Michael Kohn Gallery

Camille Rose Garcia’s new series of paintings, Snow White and the Black Lagoon opens this Saturday at Michael Kohn Gallery. Following her latest project, The Illustrated Alice and Wonderland, the series is based on the Grimm’s fairy tale, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” which serves as an allegory of our current relationship with the natural world, and the “fairy tales” that are told to veil our role in its demise. Florescent colors, seductive black lines, and luminous gold leaf illustrate this dark fairy tale-fantasy. […]

Armory Week ’11 – Independent Fair

After enjoying the change and chaos of the inaugural Independent fair last year (covered), we made sure to return this year when making our Armory week rounds. And we were glad we did. Although the Independent can feel somewhat chaotic because of its lack of walls to designate individual booths, the art presented tends to be much edgier and less commercial than that shown at many of the other fairs. Even so, we were able to find a lot of work that we enjoyed, some […]

Openings: Mysterious Al – ‘The Doomsday Papers’ @ StolenSpace

After more than ten years in the game, Mysterious Al finally got around to opening his first solo show The Doomsday Papers at StolenSpace this Thursday. When planning your first show, it must be a worrying time: Will anyone show up? Will they like the work….? It turns out Al’s show was the most packed we’ve seen at StolenSpace for a long time, and everyone AM spoke to enjoyed the work. We had a hint of what sort of work Al was making for this show when […]

Openings: Swoon – “Thekla” @ Metro Gallery

Swoon’s (interviewed) first solo exhibition in Australia closed last weekend at the Metro Gallery, but we have some pics for you of the opening for those who missed it. Entitled Thekla, the body of work, like many of the New York-based artist’s shows, included immersive installations as well as standalone pieces. Crafted from mostly from familiar imagery, the show also incoporated some new, never seen before pieces. More pics after the jump…

Previews: Jonathan Darby ‘Favela’ @ Signal Gallery

Jonathan Darby’s solo show Favela opens soon at the Signal Gallery, and this video teaser shows a little what to expect without giving the game away. Darby has linked up with CARF (Children at Risk Foundation) who work with street kids in Sao Paulo for the exhibition, and some of the proceeds from the show will go to the charity. Favela opens on Thursday 10th March, and from what we hear from Jonathan, will contain an entirely new series of paintings plus some pretty exciting […]

Openings: David Shillinglaw – ‘Hobo Chic’ @ Negre Gallery

David Shillinglaw’s Hobo Chic, opened last Thursday at Negre Gallery in the Columbia Road area of London, and AM went along to take a look. Shillinglaw’s work involves a multitude of surfaces, mediums and media. His bold, hand-drawn rhythmic text immediately draws the eye as it is the most prevalent part of the visual language within his work, and is so instantly recognisable – with the signature colours and filled in bowls – that maybe he should copyright a new ‘Shillinglaw’ font. Found, salvaged, scavenged […]

Preview: “The Hi Fructose Group Invitational” @ Roq La Rue

Besides the stunning new piece from Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) that we teased you with several weeks back, The Hi Fructose Group Invitational at Roq La Rue also includes some compelling works from the other artists in the show. Hi-Fructose certainly has an almost unlimited list of talent to draw from and we think you will be happy with the selections come March 11th when the show opens in Seattle. Take a look some preview images from the stellar lineup after the jump…

Update: Mark Dean Veca C.O.L.A. Fellowship Exhibition

It looks like Mark Dean Veca (interviewed) is tackling another pop icon for his upcoming C.O.L.A. Fellowship exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. After revealing his version of the Kool-Aid Man in January, the LA-based artist turns his attention to Charlie the Tuna on his 50th anniversary as the mascot for Starkist Tuna. Mark will certainly be busy working up to the opening of his show in May, as we have also learned he is working on a permanent art project for the […]

Previews: Michael De Feo – ‘Coming In From The Outside’ @ Orange Dot Gallery, London

Spring is just around the corner and The Flower Guy is set to open his first solo show in London this week at The Orange Dot Gallery. Michael De Feo will be presenting a new series of painting and prints in Coming In From The Outside, featuring a series of his iconic flowers which have graced so many city walls – in particular around his New York base – plus a series of hand finished prints based upon his figurative / portraiture based drawings. The […]

Preview: Sas & Colin Christian – “Sas + Colin” @ Opera Gallery (NY)

After being teased by the Nefertiti sculpture from Colin & Sas Christian (interviewed) for their upcoming show, we were hungry for more and hope you are too. The new body of work set to be unveiled on March 10th at the Opera Gallery in New York is entitled simply “Sas + Colin”, which is telling because this show was a collaborative effort from the husband and wife team. We’ll be bringing you coverage from the opening of course, but for now, take a look at […]