Work in progress on Rivington Street, Shoreditch, opposite the massive 'SCARY' mural by Eine

Brian Adam Douglas, a.k.a. Elbow-Toe (interviewed) was in London a couple of weeks ago for his Due Date solo exhibition (covered), currently on at Black Rat Projects. While in town, he made sure to put up a few street pieces. AM caught up with the artist as he installed a black-and-white version of his linocut print Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? on Rivington Street in Shoreditch — opposite the landmark SCARY mural by Eine. We were able to witness the joys of trying to put up a large and rather intricate paster in windy conditions. Luckily, the team at Black Rat was nearby to provide a helping hand.

Other recent outdoor work by Elbow-Toe was done especially around the Broadway Market area — including white Oilbar drawings and aphorisms, and two copy-enlarged, hand-coloured collage works: This Too Shall Pass and Move It On Over. AM had previously spotted the latter, featuring a vicious-looking dog on an unheld leash, while it was being painted. Regrettably, it was destroyed not long after Elbow-Toe completed and pasted it at the entrance of the long-disused Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children on Hackney Road. Someone clearly had an issue with the piece or its placement, or they were simply having a bad day. The beauty of street art lies partly in its ephemerality, but we’ll try to be faster with our camera next time.

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Applying the initial coat of wheatpaste

During our chat, Elbow-Toe mentioned the sting and general discomfort of getting wheatpaste splashed into his eye while out working one day. Although a sympathetic facial expression may have been appropriate here, AM’s auto-response was to just laugh. We suspect a not-insignificant proportion of the world’s sexually active female population will at some stage have experienced a similar predicament, so there may not be too much empathy coming Elbow-Toe’s way.

Mike (left) and Rupert (hidden) from Black Rat Projects assisting Elbow-Toe

"It's easier to play if you place the Twister mat on the ground."

Last few touches to 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?'

'This Too Shall Pass' on the Regent's Canal towpath by Broadway Market

Work in progress for the paster 'Move It On Over'

Nothing lasts forever - another lesson in the fleeting nature of street art

Text and photographs by Patrick Nguyen.