Jasper Johns - "0 - 9", 2008, Aluminum

Jasper Johns, who many consider to be the world’s greatest living artist, is  set to unveil a show at Matthew Marks Gallery that includes eleven sculptures which he created over a five year period, as well as twenty recent works on paper.  This is the largest body of sculpture the artist has completed in the span of his career, which has lasted more than fifty years.   The majority of the sculptures are based on the numerals 0-9 and is first made by wax. Johns then works the surface and then they are cast into bronze, aluminum, or silver, each finished with a unique patina.  This monumental show is set to open on May 7.

Jasper Johns, 0 – 9, 2008, Aluminum, 20 3/8 x 38 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches