The last time Barbara Kruger had a solo exhibition in Los Angeles, it was for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in 1999.  Thanks to L&M Arts in Venice, Angelenos are once again able to immerse themselves in a one-woman show filled with her recent work.

Consisting of a multi-channel video installation running 13 minutes, a room “wrap”, exterior wall projection, and room filled with smaller-sized text pieces on panel, the legendary conceptual artist provided a multitude of options to receive her messages and ideas.  Striped bare of color and images, Kruger’s text-based work contained the minimum of just letters and words in black and white.  The audience interacts by reading and walking on and around the work.  We have images here, but to truly appreciate the exhibition, you need to make the trip to L&M and experience it as it was meant to be seen.

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