Phlegm’s work in and around Sheffield has always given us a buzz here at AM, so when recently driving past Sheffield, we stopped by to take a look at the Art Fag that Kid Acne recently painted as we heard that Phlegm had made an addition to the mural, painting some of his distinctive buildings to form a smouldering end to the giant ciggie. Whilst driving up the hill to the elevated site, we passed a dreadlocked figure painting a huge mural at the riverside which was to become a piece entitled The Harnessing of Giant Squids. We stopped by for a chat and to snap some flicks and arranged to meet up the following evening to check out a derelict school that Phlegm had recently been painting in.

What many may not know is that the murals that Phlegm has been working on in and around town are each panels of a forthcoming photographic edition of his zine Phlegm Comic – each mural forming part of a storyboard that has been over two years in the making to date. We hit the school a little later than planned just as daylight was giving in to dusk to browse the long abandoned building. The fading light worked perfectly with the setting and gave our pics an eerie feel as we trod carefully over the rotten floors of the building.

Phlegm’s work looks stunning in the setting. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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