David Stoupakis

This past weekend, the Corey Helford gallery presented the work of both David Stoupakis and Tom Bagshaw. Titled Walking Within These Shadows, Stoupakis’ exhibit displayed artwork that embraces a dark sensibility mixed with a haunting sense of realism. What’s interesting about his latest show is that he understands how to tell well-developed stories and moments of personal reflections through the use of the canvas. Whether it’s two female characters sitting down in a somber mood or a group of skeleton-like figures moving ahead, the paintings feature compacted narratives that are difficult to rival.

Also focusing on this theme of storytelling, the other half of the exhibit featured the work of Tom Bagshaw. Titled Beautiful Imperfections, his exhibit explores techniques that walk a line between a sense of realism and fantasy-based settings. This time around, Bagshaw utilizes other-worldly creatures and ghost-like figures in order to tell stories that begin with portraiture but which also expand into fantasy. Like Stoupakis, Bagshaw uses his artwork to invite the viewer into an engrossing and seemingly complete narrative.

Check out the rest of the images after the jump for a closer look at the fabulous work shown by these two artists.

Tom Bagshaw

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