In most parts of the modern world, before a new building or store opens up, a construction phase begins where a monotone barricade (Often tagged “post no bills”) is erected to shield passerby’s from the messiness. As you’ve often seen, street art is often placed there to combat the dreariness. Cosmetic retailer Sephora took the initiative to commission a special outdoor installation to occupy their exterior barricade. With the help of David Ellis, Maya Hayuk, Yuri Shimojo and SASU, Sephora created a live motion mural entitled Transforming Beauty to holographically color some of Manhattan’s Meatpacking district.

This amazing mural incorporates dramatic color and vibrant motions by utilizing a custom built large format lenticular lens. Think baseball cards or story books that move when viewed at different angles. The illusion of depth and movement follows the viewers as they walk along the 10 x 100 feet exterior. If you’re in the area, make time to stop by to catch this unique project as it ends September 13th when the store is expected to be completed.

Check it out a detailed look after the jump.

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