Many of you may have already seen this video yesterday when we posted it to our facebook fanpage, but here it is again with somewhat of a followup. The footage above,┬áthat angered many street art fans, was put together by the Keszler Gallery in association with the Bankrobber Gallery where unnamed individuals traveled to Palestine and boldly removed some of the well known and much beloved work Banksy created for the Santa’s Ghetto event held in the West Bank in 2007.

It turns out several of the pieces that were cut out en bloc ended up in a recent show at the Hamptons at the Keszler Gallery in an unsanctioned show, although who knows if they are fake as these are obviously without Pest Control authentication. You can see photos of this as well as video from Fresh Paint NYC after the jump.

*edit* In case it isn’t obvious, Arrested Motion absolutely does not endorse this show or the harvesting of street art pieces.

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