Alex Lukas continues to delight us here at AM with each series of his distressed cityscapes, and judging by the work in his upcoming untitled solo exhibition at San Francisco’s Guerrero Gallery, he continues to go from strength to strength. Lukas’ representations of global mortality are realised in a series of paintings showing a graffiti’d and desolate landscape in a post-human / post apocalyptic context.

It is his re-appropriated book pages and commercial posters that really shine for us though. Culling whole page images from coffee table books and posters, Lukas takes an elevated cityscape view and reinvents the image with his own unique stylings. Cities are shown to be flooded, fog-bound and vegetated through his use of both painting and also his highly technical use of the medium of screenprinting. The registration and layering of the new landscape amidst the original imagery is an art-form in itself. Lukas’ accolade of being one of the West Prize finalists for 2011 (as was Kevin Cyr in 2010 who Lukas last showed with in Show & Tell Gallery’s Atrophic Existence exhibit) is testament to his craft and artistry.

Check out the work for yourself if you can at the opening on September 10th, but take a look at some more preview images after the jump.


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