Exploded Judy Garland

Having recently been turned on to Lola Dupré’s work, we were excited to hear that the Glasgow based collage artist has an upcoming solo exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach. Entitled Shrapnel, the exhibition will showcase Lola’s ‘exploding’ portraits of icons taken from popular culture, movie starlets and fellow artists as her subject matter.

Dupré’s process is what first sparked our interest in her work – She literally dissects and reassembles her subject matter layer-by-layer by taking multiple prints of an original photograph and manipulating the image using glue and a hell of a lot of paper-cuts. Each piece is adhered to a ply backing board and all of the imagery is cut with scissors. Aside from the exploding pieces that feature in this exhibition, you should check her website for the abstract and contorted works too.

Shrapnel opens on 8th October 2011. Read on for further preview images and a glimpse into Lola’s studio practice after the jump.

Weeping Parisian circa 1945

Exploded Vermeer

Chuck Close

Al Capone

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