We are AM are pretty excited about the prospects of attending David Shrigley’s first major survey exhibition in the UK, entitled Brain Activity, opening this Wednesday at the Hayward Gallery in London. The last time we saw a large selection of pieces from the versatile British artist was at the 2010 Frieze Art Fair, where he was incidentally also drawing on people’s bodies in one of his infamous impromptu tattoo sessions, so the opportunity to peruse an even more substantial collection of his work will definitely not be missed by us.

The retrospective will cover a wide selection of mediums including sculpture, paintings, photography, drawings, taxidermy, animation, and more all highlighting his uncanny way of finding humor in disquieting subject matter. Split into four categories – Death (an example of which is seen above), Misery, Characters, and Misshapen Things, visitors will be treated to over 175 different works including a new piece for the sculpture terrace and a new large wall painting.

See an animation he created to promote the showing after the jump and also make sure you check out a nice video interview over at The Guardian.

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