In his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, kinky shotmaker to the stars Terry Richardson will be presenting at OHWOW a more fine art spin to his impressive commercial photographic oeuvre. Opening Friday, February 24th, TERRYWOOD will serve as a refreshing departure from his concept driven yet more constrictive Mom & Dad and HONG KONG exhibitions last year. This time around, Terry opens his shutter wide, takes aim at his favorite muse – Hollywood – and lets his true, unfiltered colors shine through. Capturing both the beautiful woman and the beautiful landscapes that embody the indulgent, seductive place he calls home, a new series of photographs is presented that illustrate his ability to extract the sensual and raw essence within a moment as only Terry can. Celebrity, broken dreams, kitsch, and sorted histories underscore 25 of his latest photographs that together comprise a not to be missed exhibition, with the inevitable star-studded opening acting as the perfect backdrop to the work itself.

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