Over this past weekend, San Francisco-based artist Andrew Schoultz visited the Hamptons at Eric Firestone Gallery to unveil a new body of work consisting of his remixed flags. Entitled Exo Uno Plura, the show explores the kinetic compositions referencing the political turmoil in the nation. Further pushing his skills, Andrew told us he worked and weathered the flags to age them. Unlike the fully coated gold flag he recently displayed in City of FireMr. Schoultz this time plays with the dripping and coloration to escalate his commentary on the current state of the country.

AM attended the packed opening filled with an artistic Hampton crowd, but apparently controversy has been brewing over the weekend as some locals are viewing this exhibition as a sacrilegious attack on US values. Andrew in turn issued a statement on Curbed: “Concerns about our economy led me to use flags and gold in this exhibition, while my wall painting backdrop is intended to convey global economic turbulence. I take great pride in America and this work is wholeheartedly pro-American. For the past 10 years I have worked with icons and symbols to create narratives addressing social, economic, and political issues. My intention is always to open a dialogue about these issues. While a viewer may misinterpret the intention of an artist, I encourage the conversation and debate that may result.”

Take a look below and let us know what you think?

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