Last week, New York’s New Museum opened a new exhibition entitled Ghost in the Machine. The survey contains over 140 works of art by over 70 artists which explore the relationship between humans, machines and art. Taking over all three main gallery rooms, it providee a unique look at the digital age and its influence/interaction on the artistic movement.

Spanning over 50 years with works from over 15 countries represented, this show is definitely a comprehensive feast for the senses.¬†We saw traditional paintings, installations and architectural sculptures, but were also exposed to mind jarring kinetic and Op Art. One part of the exhibition that stood out was Stan VanDerBeek’s Movie Drome which created a sensory overload for the viewer who is immersed in a giant metal dome bathed with overlapping visual imagery.

This intriguing exhibit is on until September 30th, so if you’re in NYC definitely make time to stop by.