Yayoi Kusama has a long and complicated relationship with NYC. It started in 1957 when she moved out to the Big Apple and set out to make a name in the world of art. Spanning three decades, Kusama stayed until 1973 when she returned to her home country of Japan. Now with her recent retrospective at The Whitney Museum in full swing, Kusama has set to reclaim the city which was her second home. The first project we want to share with you is set up with DDG and The Whitney at a condo development near the corner of 9th Avenue & 14th street – 345 Meatpacking. As with all new constructions, a dreary green net is needed to cover the building. A perfect match for Kusama, who offers an alternative as she is known for her “infinity nets,” giving this construction webbing her signature dot treatment by taking her masterpiece painting Yellow Trees and enveloping the giant building to ensure New Yorkers can see her contribution to the Manhattan skyline.

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