This Friday night, art toy boutique and gallery Rotofugi will be hosting the unveiling of new works from Luke Chueh (interviewed) in a show entitled I Am Your Plaything. AM stopped by the LA-based artist’s studio (dubbed the Shedio 2.0) to check out the paintings headed out to Chicago for the opening. The work he showed us centered around his clever and often times self-deprecating humor all with plenty of inside jokes to go around for toy collectors out there – from the frustrations and joys of blind boxing to digs at classic toys to some customs of his own. Rounding out the work is a series of paintings that represent his first phase of revenge against bootleggers out there who have taken the concepts behind his classic I ASKED FOR SCRAMBLED painting and corrupted them for their own evil purposes.

Discuss this show here.
Discuss Luke Chueh here.