Jonathan LeVine Gallery hosted another great exhibition this past weekend with new work from Ashley Wood. The award winning illustrator presented a murky and moody series of paintings entitled Machine Sabbath which showcased Ashley’s unique artistic techniques of less is more. We’ve long admired Wood’s raw emotions and character depictions and displaying beside long time Australian comrade Jeremy Geddes (covered here), we noticed how well the two styles of works complimented each other highlighted by Wood’s dark & loose style providing contrast Geddes’ bright & tight techniques. Both these shows run until November 17th, so if you’re in New York it would be worth your time checking out these shows. Until then, check out all the details below.

Ashley also took the time to sign a few show cards for all his fans on AM. So if you want a chance to win, feel free to leave a comment below the article, on our forum here or like our facebook page and leave a comment there.

*contest now closed and Leon Robmurd was the winner*

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