After behind the scenes look at both the studio space and tower installation by Faile leading up to their monumental collaboration with the New York City Ballet at the Lincoln Center, the anticipation for the opening night performance brought out some of the who’s who of the New York street & urban art scene. Our peers at Wooster Collective & Brooklyn Street Art joined notables such as Tomokazu Matsuyama, How & Nosm, Logan Hicks and Carlo McCormick in the celebration of art & dance brought by the Brooklyn collective known as Faile.

To compliment their elegantly monstrous hand built tower measuring 16 square feet wide by 40 feet tall, the Patrick’s also brought a new body of work that was unveiled with the opening night festivities. The duo showed their appreciation and generosity by giving every attendee a unique hand crafted Faile block and as an added bonus, the ballet performance ended up being just as enjoyable as the artwork.

Photo credit: Joe Russo for Arrested Motion.
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