A little while back, AM attended the opening for WK Interact’s mid-career survey at Jonathan LeVine’s pop-up outpost. Entitled WK 360 (previewed), this all-inclusive exhibition collected artwork from the past 25 years by the notable French-born & New York-based street artist’s storied career. From indoor to outdoor, WK has always fascinated us with two aspects of his art. The first is his ability to capture the kinetic energy through his motion driven works and the the second is his intricate and equally creative street “contraptions” that are not only eye catching, but also highly functional. From what we saw, these unique urban relics such as bikes, skateboards, phone booths and urban survival suits drew wonderment of the crowd of attendees. Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete showcase if WK’s signature paintings and collaged assemblages were not in abundance. This show runs through the end of the month, so definitely don’t miss this great show.

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