New York’s Japan Society recently hosted an exhibition looking at the graphic impact of Japanese prints on art in the contemporary age. Entitled Edo Pop, this showcase playfully juxtaposed traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints from such masters as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige with current New York contemporary artists, such as Tomokazu Matsuyama (interviewed) and Aiko. This was a rare opportunity for people to experience the traditional woodblock artwork created as early as the 1700’s. In addition, Aiko applied her unique stencil technique to an entire room, where she paid homage to the iconic Thrity-six Views of Mount Fiji. Matsu presented multiple paintings that referenced this alluring time in Japan’s artistic history. Together, it added up to a very interesting show that blended Japanese art from Eastern and Western perspectives, and from past and present eras.

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