AM recently had the pleasure of visiting Jeff Koons’ latest show at the Gagosian in New York. Known as one of the bell-weather blue chip artist of the contemporary art scene for the past few decades, Mr. Koons made his debut exhibition at the New York gallery space of the Gagosian after previously exhibiting at Larry’s Los Angeles and London outposts over the past decade.

Entitled New Paintings & Sculpture, this fresh body of work exemplifies the appeal of Koons and his ability to draw you into his creations. This exhibition features numerous facets of Jeff’s historically rich and diverse arsenal utilizing his signature mediums. From oil paintings to perfectly manufactured ready-made inflatable sculptures (covered here), this impressive array of works pulls the viewers in and captures their imagination – not only with perfectly manufactured shininess or eye catching pop subjects, but furthermore his ability to pique your interest and provoke thought on everyday pop objects & subject matter. The artist effortlessly blends childhood invoking neo-pop balloon sculptures with classical references to ancient subject matter layered with sex and history. Every piece of work in this show reminds you to look closely and think deeper. Not everything is as kitsch or banal at first glance. This exhibition remains on view until July 3rd, so if you are visiting New York, do yourself a favor and stop by.

All works © Jeff Koons & Gagosian Gallery. All Rights Reserved.

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