Premiering this Saturday at San Francisco’s Guerrero Gallery are two fresh exhibitions. The first is Lucien Shapiro with a show entitled Vessel. This body of work, composed of masks and corresponding vessels, coincides with specific rituals personal to Shapiro’s experiences and reflections in life. Themes such as relating to the daily hustle, the seeking of light, confronting fears, realizing strength, the longing for a partner, and dealings with rejection are all reflected in these creations. The mask  created acts like a shield from realities and objects heal internally to help deal with the harsh realities of life.

For artist Ben Venom, the show entitled Piece of Mind is his second with the gallery. Venom takes the tradition quilting techniques for textiles and melds it with the contrasting counter cultures such as biker gangs, metal music and the occult. His soft materials draws in the viewers and then challenges them to the often random and clashing cultures of the present. The opening is this Saturday from 7pm-10pm.