Italian artist Moneyless aka Teo Pirisi opens his first solo exhibition of 2013 on home turf at Rome’s 999 Contemporary Gallery.

Entitled ALEA IACTA EST, the translation for those non-fluent in Latin is ‘The Die Has Been Cast’. A bold statement, but Moneyless’ art provides affirmation of his voice within the contemporary art scene. The fluidity of his work is wonderful, and a joy to view up close and personal. Spirographic patterns blend colour and form on beautifully crafted wooden panels. Delicate ink and acrylic washes reveal the depth of the wood grain left exposed as part of his compositions.

In addition to his paintings, Moneyless is known for his installations using rope and string to form geometric shapes magically suspended in indoor / outdoor environments, and of course his murals. The above picture shows Teo at work on the front of the gallery.

This show should be a treat, so would be one to catch if you are luck enough to find yourself in Rome in the next month. For now though satisfy yourself with our preview images, courtesy of the artist, below.