Conceptual street artist MOMO has a new exhibition that just opened in New Orleans gallery May Space. We’re fans of MOMO’s work here at AM for a variety of reasons, but one of them is how successfully his outdoor work and most notably his murals, translate to gallery spaces. Butt Joints takes his expressionist use of colour and form inside for a site specific installation featuring signature elements transposed into three dimensional sculptural objects; married with works on canvas and an installation comprised of grids of framed pen drawings, all featuring the geometric patterns and shapes found throughout his work.

The exhibition is a direct continuation of MOMO’s experimentation within his art most recently seen at his solo exhibition in Italy (covered here). We’ve referred to MOMO as the thinking man’s street artist previously, and this latest showing reinforces his credibility within the contemporary art world. As well as the paintings, sculptures and drawings, a series of posters, prints and zines make up the rest of the exhibition – showcasing pretty much every aspect of MOMO’s oeuvre.

The exhibition runs until January 25th, so if you happen to find your self in NOLA in the holiday period, Butt Joints is an absolute must see. Pictures come courtesy of the artist.

Discus MOMO here.