By now, you’ve all heard the monumental buzz that this Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition I Who Have Arrived In Heaven has created with lines that exponentially grew from 30-45 mins to 4-6 hours in the course of less than a month. Mind you, art lovers endured near freezing NYC weather to take in the one minute zen experience of being one on one with Kusama’s Souls of Millions of Light Years Away (experienced here) infinity room installation.

What many may not have known is that powerhouse gallery David Zwirner gave three exhibition spaces to the Japanese artist with the main gallery space showcasing twenty seven large-scale paintings for all to enjoy without the need to wait in line. We bring you an important body of work as she is one of the rare artists that have practiced a long time to have substantial work spanning the second half to twentieth century in both pop art and minimalism. Take a look at her paintings below.

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