Tomorrow, January 9th, ZieherSmith in New York will be presenting a new solo show from Allison Schulnik, her second with the gallery. The opening will mark the premiere of her latest stop-motion claymation film entitled Eager along with new related paintings, sculpture, and works on paper. If her some of her previous films (for example – Mound) are any indication, fans in NYC are in for a treat.

Here is an intriguing description: “Haunting, hollow specters stretch, transmogrify and multiply as their synchronized shifts hint at ancient, highly charged rituals. Figures splay open and bleed into snapdragons, vagina dentate, bladderworts and Venus flytraps; the flowers grow faces. The cast further includes spectral figures in delicate blue robes, the boneless horse, and skeletal figures that are flayed and worn like hides.”

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