As seen in our previous feature, artist JR worked both the inside and out of the New York City Ballet’s (NYCB) Lincoln Center home. Now, we give you and detailed look into the main lobby of the storied theater where the French photographer and street artist did what he does best and created an intricate yet massive photographic installation of his famous eye motif.

Bringing together the performers of the ballet troupe, JR conducted a intimate photo shoot with the dancers as they worked their malleable bodies into a gigantic abstract paper eye. The result was a graceful life-size photo installation that lined the majority of the central concourse lobby. At the intermissions between performances, attendees strolled through and discovered the installed artwork. The result was a photo frenzy as people interacted with the art and took photos with the life-size images of the dancers in unique poses. Patient fans waited for the crowd to get back to their seats to get scenic shots and “selfies” at the center of the eye. Check out a video interview our friends at Complex created below. This amazing photo installation will be up at Lincoln center for future performances, so stop by and enjoy.

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