James Jean was one of the secret surprises of this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii festival in Honolulu. The American artist was invited to the event as a guest first, but once he arrived to the island, he decided to try out his skills in creating a large scale mural for the first time in his career. It was very interesting seeing the way he transferred his signature illustrative style onto a big wall, using only red paint and a brush, but the result was impressive. Jean successfully included all the detailed line work, shading, and other signature elements of his work, even with the greater scale seen in this creation, while battling the unforgiving Hawaiian sun. Working on it long hours over the period of 4-5 days from the early morning till late in the night, the mural quickly became one of the favorites among visitors and participants. It is going to be interesting to see if this piece will inspire more public art from him, which would definitely be a great thing for art lovers and especially his fans.

Photos credit: saL.
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