American-born and Tel Aviv-based artist, Know Hope, is one of the artists taking part in this year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii event in Honolulu. Although he originally planned on working on several smaller, hidden pieces in the alleys of the Kaka’ako area, the artist just finished this large mural on a side wall of a local carshop. With his minimalist style, very basic color palette, and recognizable imagery, he created this lovely piece of public art. Known for his emotive work and combining lyrics along with his images, this wall now has a flock of distant, barely visible birds, flying over water, with their tears creating ripples on the water with one of his signature characters feeling touching and feeling them. Placed on the side of a garage, his work is quite an unusual sight in such an environment, but it is highly appreciated by the people working there.

Photos credit: saL.
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