On April 4th, La Luz de Jesus will be presenting new lush and colorful works from Charlie Immer. Entitled Loose Juice, the new paintings from the West Maryland-based painter appear cute at first, but closer examination reveals darker and more unsettling imagery. Immer explains the new body of work for his first solo at the Los Angeles gallery below:

“With this body of work I introduced new flavors, structures, and textures to the undulating and quivering landscape. The structure of the pieces was heavily inspired by the isometric perspective seen in many video-games of the 90’s. I’ve reintroduced buckets of “juice” which have been mostly absent from my recent work. Liquid is so alluring and dynamic. The subjects of the work are jiggling jesters and dripping skeletons enduring pain free violent acts. The nervous system has evaporated in this world and blood is in infinite supply. I’ve always found over the top violence to be appealing when stripped of pain and possibility of death.”

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