AM stopped by the How & Nosm studio in NYC around time when the artistic duo was finalizing their preparations with Pace Prints for their collaborative print project. A couple of months later, we are happy to announce the opening of Way Things Are, a long awaited show by these ground breaking graffiti & street artists, on March 7th at Pace Prints on 521 West 26th Street in NYC, with an opening reception held on Thursday March 6th. Brothers Raoul and Davide Perre worked on this show for around seven months at Watanabe Press in Brooklyn, creating one of the most unique body of works to date. Part of this show was already presented at the Art Basel Miami 2013 and IFPDA Print Fair in NYC, as a teaser for this big event.

While by definition all the works are prints, this is the most misleading piece of the puzzle in this particular body of work. The idea was to create works that will represent the everyday life routine of an individual. This consists of different activities and situations that occur each day, but the essential core remains the same day after day. It takes strong determination and lots of energy to take charge of these things, and make a significant difference that will lead to a different pattern. Based on this scheme, the NY-based artists created monoprints on which they hand painted and created fully unique works. Varying in motif, message, and complexity, each of these prints show a possible new way of approaching the same, given structure. With so much layers of hand painting, stencil, patterns, mutated characters, countless amounts of symbols & details, and even different page orientatiosn, each of these pieces are actually 100% unique works.

Staying true to the style and technique they developed while creating graffiti on the streets of Germany where they grew up and perfected in their NYC studio, these works are a perfect example of their creative and artistic strength. With their signature black, white and red color palette, which is both limiting and challenging in their process, these fresh works are an explosion of stencils, patterns and images used in their previous output, adding to the repetitive concept. Applied through their clean and precise technique, these new How & Nosm pieces blur the line between hand painted unique works and machine printed editions.

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