On March 21st, Geoff McFetridge will be opening a new solo at V1 Gallery, his second with the Copenhagen showspace after a successful stint there in 2011 (covered). Because the Los Angeles -based artist is a man with many talents, we as art fans are glad to see him back in the studio, resulting in some pretty sweet paintings like the one seen above that will be part of the show. He only recently completed work on the Oscar-nominated film Her, where he designed the interfaces for the film. You can learn more about this on Gizmodo but you can see a snippet below.

“His graphics and interfaces play a large role in the film, from the hand-writing application Theodore Twombly uses at his job at Beautiful Hand-Written Letters, to the fictional L.A. subway map he walks by, to the logos and packaging for the OS 1 device that changes his life, to the iPhone-esque interface itself which we come to know as the character “Samantha.”

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