Today, Cesar Chavez Day, the Date Farmers are officially announcing the start of an annual Coachella Walls event. Organized in honor of the labor leader and civil rights activist as well as the anonymous farm worker, the local artistic duo hope to bring attention to the poor community with this mural project. Despite the name of the Coachella music festival set to open soon, the tax revenue goes to the city of Indio with the actual city of Coachella remaining a forgotten area.

Held in downtown Coachella’s historic Pueblo Viejo, the artists scheduled to make an appearance include El Mac, Nunca, Saner, Andrew Hem, Liqen, Albert Reyes, Vyal Reyes, Sego, The Phamtom, Jim Darling, and more. Curated By Medvin Sobio (Co-Curator of Wynwood Walls, Boneyard Project, Academy Of Street Art), there will also be a group show at Date Farmers Art Studio (seen above), the city’s first art gallery and art residency, opening on the 11th.