This Saturday, May 17th, Greg Simkins (featured) will be presenting all new works at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery collectively entitled Good Knight, a play on words in reference to one of his signature characters. The latest exhibition from the Los Angeles-based artist otherwise known as Craola will feature a series of paintings where he looks back at his childhood and his fears & curiosities from that time. As you can guess, Simkins must have had a pretty active imagination as a kid, so expect much of the surreal imagery that we have come to expect from him.

Simkins explains: “As a child, each evening my parents would utter the common refrain of ‘Good night’, just as any decent mom or dad should do. ‘Good night’ would echo through my ears as my eyes shut and I slipped through the tunnel into dreamland – leaving me with one question: who’s that? What is this crazy world, who are all the creatures that live here and who is this Good Knight?”

Photo credit: Theonepointeight.
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