After traveling around the world, creating public works in remote places, being involved in mural festivals, and working on various conceptual projects, 2501 is brought his experiences and elements from his travels to Soze Gallery through the Nomadic Experiment solo show. As an essential part of his ongoing Nomadic Experience Project, this show presents the works he has been working on between and while on the road.

While having a firmly formed visual language in place, consisting of peculiar line work and strictly geometric use of gold leaf, the Italian artist is not planning on limiting himself to a particular style, technique or medium. Always eager to explore and experiment with given materials and settings, he has introduced various kinds of 2D and 3D works for this exhibition – from familiar porcelain eggs and flat pieces on porcelain, through works on wood, works on paper done with alcohol and ink, and finally an interactive installation piece La macchina 01. Also, 2501 worked five months building a machine that allows him to transfer the idea of audio loops into the visual sphere. With 2501’s street work looking like an abstract trail he is leaving around the places he visits, this show feels like a collection of different objects touched and marked by the same creative and moving force.

The show will be on view until July 17th at Soze Gallery in LA.