Dream Catcher is the newest mural created by Polish art duo Etam Cru. Both members, Sainer and Bezt, painted this large piece in Lubin, for the LFG: ALL MY CITY ’14, organised by the Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej and Brain Damage Gallery. Created over the course of 5 days, the image shows a dog wrapping up his owner with a leash, in an attempt to catch an imaginary bone.

The mural is a perfect example of their signature elements – a playful scenario, a peculiar way of freezing a tensed, dynamic moment,  and mixing the photo realistic and cartoonish elements in order to achieve a surrealistic feel. By using pastel colors, the artists also managed to blend this large image into the facade and use its shape and texture as the background, which is another common characteristic of their murals.

Photo credit: Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej.
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