On the 27th of September, Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam introduced a new solo from Tessar Lo to their collectors and local art lovers. Devices And The Virtues is Lo’s third show with the gallery and it once again proved the strong connection and love between the artist and the city.

For this show, the Toronto-based artist prepared several large canvases, some mid size ones, and a nice selection of drawings on paper that were displayed in an eye-catching cluster. Exploring and playing with his expressive, naive style, purposely minimizing his efforts, the works are very direct and rich with texture and imagery. Representing parts of his childhood memories and experiences, as well as elements of his everyday life, the new pieces mix his Indonesian heritage with his experiences from life in Canada. Some of the recurring elements such as tigers or basketballs are actually parts of his childhood memories and fantasies and carry many personal stories. Mixed together, using different mediums, these result in layered emotive works that were once again accepted extremely well by the Amsterdam’s art loving community.

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