From candlelit backrooms to small forest clearings, Incantation sees Roq la Rue Conjuring up a group show based on ritual and mysticism. Occultism is often seen as heretical to mainstream society, but the beliefs and practices are centuries old and firmly rooted in nature and our surroundings.

The exhibition features artwork from over a dozen artists, including a few sculptural pieces like Mandy Greer’s black feathered Huldra Adornment. Other artists took the opportunity to bring the subject matter out of the darkness like Jeff Jacobson’s Opulent Hex and Redd Walitzki’s Sing My White NightPeter Ferguson’s signature style is on display with the huge The People From Happy Mountain, where an assortment of animals, creatures, and their human counterparts descend into a village to the delight, and dismay of said villagers.