Another piece that was among the first ones to be finished and signed at this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii (more coverage here) is a new large mural by D*Face. Continuing his series of Roy Lichtenstein inspired works, the British artist created a mural showing a female character crying over the fact that her boyfriend can’t surf. Fully themed around Hawaii’s most famous past time, the image includes several details that reference the island paradise – a flower in girl’s hair that has D*Face’s signature wing symbol, waves, and a snapped surfboard in the background. Painted with thick, solid and sharp lines, with a basic and quite minimalist color palette, this piece can be seen in person at 570 Dillingham Boulevard in Honolulu, a bit of a ways away from the other murals around the Kaka’ako area.

Photo credit: @arrestedmotion_sal.
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