Tonight (April 25th) in San Francisco, Gauntlet Gallery has two shows opening up – one a group exhibition, one a solo entitled Triumvirate & Speculative Hunting respectively.

As referenced by the name of the show, Triumvirate sees Akira Beard, Alex Garant, Fab Ciraolo, Graham Curran, Jason Bryant, Justin Kane Elder, Phil Noto, Rebecca Adams, Roland Tamayo (seen above) and Sam Lamott were asked to create three works meant to be viewed as a mini-series.

On a related note, at least to Tamayo’s work, the second exhibition (curated by AM’s Sven Davis) also features a Star Wars related theme. Mako Miyamoto’s Wookie inspired photographic series takes a cinematic look at the costumed characters in different human settings and contexts. There will be two physical and edition sizes for each of the 20 photographic works, which are collectively entitled Neon Werewolf.