On Friday, May 29th, V1 gallery in Copenhagen will open FUD, a joint exhibition by Barry McGee & Todd James. This will be the second time that the legendary American artists will be creating a two man show at the gallery.

According to the info we’ve received from the gallery, the show will consists of new works in a variety of mediums, as is expected from these two prolific artists. From paintings on canvas and wood, sculpture, drawing and an array of various elements, the whole exhibition will be organized (or disorganized) as a collaborative installation between the two artists. This approach is possible cause both artists work with distinct, bold and iconic visual languages that were created over the years. Along with their complementing imagery, the subjects of their works are often focused on people and places just outside or inside “the normal” with the understanding and appreciation of outsiders. Knowing the interest and positive response their previous installations have received (ie “Street Market” installation with Steve Powers at MOCA’s “Art In the Streets”), we’re looking forward to what they will be presenting in Copenhagen.

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