C.O.A. Gallery in Montreal will be opening a solo show by Isaac Cordal on October 29th. The Spanish artist is currently adding final touches to Urban Inertia, an installation that will continue the public interventions he has been working on around the city in the last few weeks.

Cordal is known for his small cement, now resin, sculptures that he places in cracks in the walls, puddles, sidewalks, rooftops, and other nooks and crannies in the urban environment. These small character based installations often symbolize the suicidal spiral of a capitalism and consumerism obsessed society in an almost disturbing way. The diminutive size of his characters placed in a big city comments on the insignificance of a single person in modern society, which is further emphasized by the settings and context he puts them in. Also addressing the “follow the leader” corporate mentality, migrant crisis, or twisted values of modern society, most the works that will be shown at the gallery was created exclusively for this exhibition.

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