After numerous exhibitions around the world, Mr Jago is about to present NIL at Unit London on October 22nd, his first with the gallery. For this show, the Bristol-based artist created a whole new body of work using oil for the first time, along with acrylic and spray paint. His explosive new works are a result of years of evolving artistically from the droid-like figures all the way to abstract takes on traditional landscape painting.

In general, the paintings are a balance between chaos and harmony, hope and despair, with Jago leaving it up to the observer to decide their message or meaning. Such an effect is achieved through different ways of applying paint, types of brush strokes, as well as the wide spectrum of colors used, often accented with a juxtaposition between vivid colors and a dark background.

As for this particular solo show, NIL reflects the faith that Jago places in his viewer – “this tension is what is beautiful about abstraction; the image that one person interprets as a depiction of humankind’s conquest of nature may appear to another as a depiction of nature’s triumph. My work is capable of being both, and illustrates my struggle between crushing pessimism and soaring optimism for what the future holds. It is the haze that hangs over the horizon; the luminescence of oil on water… Equally, it is a glorious sunset; the bloom of spring flowers on a barren landscape. It is up to the viewer whether the works evoke hope or despair.”

To coincide with the exhibition, Unit London also commissioned the artist to produce a large mural inside the gallery’s space.

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