Dominican artist Evoca1 was recently invited to Austrian capital by Inoperable Gallery to create one of his murals. After about a week of painting, the artist recently finished a beautiful piece titled Imperishable Relics that has his signature feel of classic painting to it.

Working on a large building in Vienna, the piece comments on a series of flak towers that Hitler ordered to be constructed in Germany and Austria to defend against air attacks and serve as shelters back in the 1940s. These buildings are still scattered around the two countries nowadays and many see them as an eyesore. Still, few of them, like the one located only a few blocks from the mural, have been redesigned to give them a new life. As a reminder of a dark past never to be repeated the one that Evoca1 dedicated his work to was repurposed to be an aquarium, having an important role of preserving the diversity of (animal) life. The mural tells a story how the neighborhood and the city not only rose up from all the challenges, but also how it turned towards a bright, positive and multifaceted future. Depicting a man with a dog, holding a bowl with gold fishes, it symbolizes the power and importance of preservation and overcoming the heavy burdens of the past.

Photo credit: Inoperable & Jeanette Handler.