Coming up on Saturday night (November 7th), Brian Viveros will be presenting a comprehensive new body of work at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Entitled Matador, the exhibition sees the Riverside-based artist further refine his imagery with more time-intensive detailing, drawing ideas from Spanish tradition to infuse his work with a consistency referenced by the title of the show. Along with accenting the imagery with fresh palette choices, Viveros has also embellish his femme fatales with a cross-pollination of different concepts and themes seen throughout his oeuvre.

The solo from the American artist will include not only include new oil paintings, drawings, and exclusive edition prints, but also a large collaborative sculpt with Pretty In Plastic entitled Bullheaded and the release of his first ever art book published by the gallery called The DirtyLand. For this interested, he will doing a signing from 5-6:30 ahead of the opening scheduled directly afterwards.

Take a look at more shots from his studio when we visited him a few weeks ago leading up to the show.

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